Today’s Chirpings

The Jump Fest
[CoolCute] & [Binbougami] event
is over!
Thank you very much to
those who came to watch!
I really wanted to be able to
talk some more but the
30 minutes I had was up
in the blink of an eye.
It was my first time to
be in an event alongside
Misawa-sensei*, Hayashi-san,
Keiji-san and Kondou-san.
However, they were absolutely
unassuming…! (lol)
To be able to be with such
playful people made for a
very fun moment♪

After our turn was up,
I skulked around the
area and lo and behold,
I was able to procure
an autograph from
And what’s more,
the autograph had
Kao-chan** together
with my likeness!
I also selfishly asked for
a black gag# to be included
along with the autograph
and this was what I got.

Why does it say smOp.

It’s a treasure yade!
Misawa-sensei fans all around
the world, are you jealous? Fuhihi!
Thank you so much Misawa-sensei!!

And lastly, a souvernir photograph
I took with all the cool-faced men!

Make sure you buy
the Kakkokawaii DVD!

*Misawa-sensei refers to Jigoku no Misawa who is the author of the series [カッコカワイイ宣言! Kakkokawaii Sengen! lit. declaration of cool&cute!].
**Kao-chan is the protagonist in Kakkokawaii Sengen!



Today is
my first Jump Festa☆☆

I’ve been
invited to a cool and cute

I’m looking forward to it!

Please please
come and join us in the fun!

A secret!


We were all able to spend a little bit of time
together; Sugar, the director and I but we
managed to take some time off with the
staff to visit a teppanyaki restaurant.
We had okonomiyaki and omu-soba*, yade#!
The conversation that the director, Sugar and I
had was… a

*Omu-soba is yakisoba wrapped in an omelette.
#yade is what people of the Kansai region typically end their sentence with. If you’ve watched K-On season 2, Ritsu and Yui tried to speak in that dialect.

Gratitude for the Big Hit

Today was K-On!’s
Big hit on-stage meet-and-greet
from Kyoto → Osaka!!
Thank you so much to
all the attendees!
To be able to thank you
all again in this fashion
made me really happy-

It was a wonderful
It was really really fun-!!!

On the meet-and-greet
event on the first day,
there were things I wasn’t
able to talk about such as
our favourite scenes,
stuff about Ritsu and Mio,
about how much and much
we love K-On!
The stuff I feel I
failed at doing.
Being able to do all that
made me really happy.

Everyone was smiling so much
I felt like some sort of heroic defender
after a war. Seeing all I saw in everyone’s
eyes; So kindly looking at us in such a
warm atmosphere.
Sugar and the director and I were
able to talk so much (>ω<)

For each K-On event,
I end up always having to
search for blue clothing and
accessories. And each time I try to,
I get a little depressed when I have
trouble with that but because of this
work, I am able to smile 100 times more.
That is the kind of production that
K-On is and that’s why I always wish
to be able to once again work with
something that makes me smile this much!!
Thank you so very much!

I love K-On!

Me, Sugar and the director (who used both hands)
Peace! Peace!

Basara and Monster Hunter

The other day,
I was fortunate enought to be
able to attend Capcom’s
Sengoku Basara banquet!
I’m so happy because
I’m a huge fan (>ω<)
I played it immediately!!!
I was able to select any character.
Ootomo* is really fun to play as!
Kobayakawa# is annoying cute!
I ended up using these two unintentionally (^_^)

So so
Speaking of Capcom,
Monster Hunter 3G has
gone on sale!!!
It’s really difficult
and I’m still not used
to the controls but it’s fun!
It’s immense undefeatable awesomeness!
It felt like I played for a very long time☆
To be able to find players through
the 3DS’s networking capabilities
when walking past people sounds
exciting, doesn’t it?♪

While I got the game for free
I felt I needed to actually
purchase it with my own hands
So I went out and bought another copy.
One copy to be preserved! (・ω<)

I frequently get freebies from Capcom
and at times, I feel like I’m neglecting
the “being grateful” part of the exchange.
Thank you so very much!

While the both are
incredibly popular games, that isn’t all
They’re so much fun as well
So to those who like games,
Let’s play!


It appears I’m the one to be blamed,
because it seems that for the
junior and high school mobile
phone slang words ranking;
coming in at second place is…

Japan, are you okay?

… I kid. tehepero (・ω<)

I was honestly surprised
but really really happy!
Thank you all so much ♪
For it to become popular
within the seiyuu community
is sort of understandable but
for it to be able to spread to
the general public is probably
due to my seiyuu companions,
the staff I work with; Also Mayuyu-chan and
Kaneda-san* who are popular
celebrities using the phrase,
probably brought it out in the open,
is what I believe (>_<)
Thank you so much
It’s actually quite
embarassing… f^_^;

And just like that, I
shouldn’t be surprised that the
phrase won.
But above all that,
when it was broadcast on TV,
friends and just about everyone else
sent me text messages
being all happy for me
made me really happy.
The actual person,
feels like she’s being left behind
by the very quick flow of
the current times.

I’m not sure if anyone who is
reading this and have not seen the
program where they announced it
but if you can, look for it somewhere
online please!

*Mayuyu is a member of the incredibly popular pop group AKB48. Kaneda-san (after doing a quick research) refers to Kaneda Akira, a well known comedian in Japan.


I don’t only receive teasing from
I get candy and other stuff from her as well.

I got a CD too!
Shizuka-san is beautiful!!
I got Low Rise Stockings too!
I won’t wear it even till the day I die!!
I got chocolate and a sweet too!
It was tasty!!

I love Shizuka-san

Note: Just in case there are those who don’t know, the Shizuka-san in this post is the seiyuu Itou Shizuka.