This blog is a project I decided to start where I translate all of (or as many as I can) Hikasa Youko’s blog posts. The actual blog can be found here – http://blog.livedoor.jp/hiyonikki/

I’m a huge fan or her and her works (and her amazing ability to become best friends with everyone she comes in contact with lol) which prompted this and it helps with improving my grasp of the Japanese language too. I’m a newbie translator so please bear with any mistakes I make and feel free to comment on it. I also like to think I’m doing all her non-Japanese reading fans a favour by doing this (It helps with motivation.. XD)

Disclaimer: I am not Hikasa Youko and I do not and have never claimed to be her. I have left the comments turned on for posts for anyone to comment on the post and not for people to confess their undying love for her. I may close the comments depending on how this turns out.

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about Hiyocchi, you can find some of her radio transcriptions on Ambiseiy.

Also, I always believe in making new friends so if anyone for any reason, curiosity or just wanna yell at me for mucking up my translations, feel free to follow me on twitter @La_Avvenire, if you let me know who you are (and just not some random follower hoping for more follows), I’ll follow you back. Cheers.

4th Dec Update: Today I started a new blog translating and posting snippets or entire posts of random seiyuu blogs that I find interesting. Check it out here.


18 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you very much Fan. I’ve fixed it. Glad you like the translations so far and yes, her personality makes her very entertaining ^_^

    • Sorry, things have been a little crazy at home and at work lately. I’ll try to get up-to-date this weekend.

      I cannot imagine Google Translate being much help considering hiyocchi has a very interesting way of wording things. haha

      • You shouldn’t even imagine it. It hurts. It’s like brain cancer and retardation in a nutshell.

        Sometimes I just translate some of it on my own with my, still limited but improving, knowledge of Japanese. Most of the time I manage to figure out what she’s talking about.
        Call me a die hard or desperate fan if you will. hahaha..

        Anyway, I really do appreciate what you’re doing. It’s a really big help for fans like me. And I thank you for your time and effort just to spread out Hiyocchi’s crazy antics to the world.

        • I’m not that experienced with translating myself. I’ve probably made a ton of mistakes in past posts.

          Sorry I didn’t get much translated over the weekend. I thought I’d be able to get at the very least half the new posts. The Turu Turu post was particularly difficult because of some weird phrases I’ve never heard of and no one I actually know have heard of either. Haha

          I do use google translate quite a bit to be honest but only for single words, not an entire webpage or sentence even.

  1. Thank you for translating her blog! ( ; w ;)/
    Reading it had left me happy and I did have a few good laughs at some of the entries! xD lol Zoro.
    Are you by any chance translating any other seiyuu blogs? I have just started learning Japanese seriously at school but we haven’t learnt any writing systems yet. :/

  2. I can’t thank you enough for translating her blog!
    I became a fan of hers after my brother suggested me to watch K-On and I am glad that I watched it since I don’t watch much anime at all.
    I always used to just go to her official blog and look at the pictures and understand nothing she wrote but now that I found your translations I am so thankful!
    Thank you so much and I hope you continue to translate her posts ):

    • Anytime Foray. Sorry it took so long but I’ve updated some and hopefully I’ll catch up to the latest post over the weekend.

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