More announcements!

I will be playing “Literature Girl”
in the TV anime “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou*”!

This anime is dangerously amazing (lol)
Let’s just say there are a lot of amusing things about it.
At the office, there’s always a
tsukkomi and boke battle going on** (-ω-;)
At times, due to that the atmosphere can get
awkward but we still push on with
our strong hearts to do a good show.
The character, literature girl that I play
doesn’t speak much but her presence
is really strong.
Please tune in!!

The broadcasts are as follows:-
TV Tokyo – 9th January
TV Aichi –  12th January
TV Osaka – 13th January
AT-X 10th & 13th January

For more information, please
visit the official home page!

* If you don’t already know, the show’s title means “The daily lives of high school boys”.
** Tsukkomi and Boke refers to the two main roles in a Japanese manzai combination comedy duo. The Tsukkomi is the straight man and the Boke is the idiot; and they trade jokes at high speed.


3 thoughts on “Danshiii

  1. As it turned out, the “Bungaku Shoujo” character was very entertaining to listen to, especially her screaming fits (something Hiyocchi didn’t do much of before). Are you going to update this blog translation again?

    • I sort of abandoned the blog when I didn’t have time to do it last year. I’m sorry. I wish I could resume it but continuing where I left off feels like too much work.

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