One more! Announcement that is!
In the TV Anime “Inu x Boku”,
I will be playing the role of
Yukinokouji Nobara!

In an attempt to MAX capture
Nobara nee-san*’s hentai style,
I’m always thinking about adlibbing
at locations I am able to add
adlibs at where people end their dialogue.
While attempting to do all that,
I try to add in her kindness and
the vastness of her character,
including her bosoms,
so please look forward
to it all—-!(>ω<)

Also, the ending
theme to this anime is
sung by the main characters
in a character song style!
Will Nobara nee-san sing too!?
What do you think!?
Everyone, please also
look forward to that
bit, okay~?

It will broadcast on
MBS – 12th January
TBS – 13th January
CBC – 19th January
RKB – 17th January
BSTBS – 21st January

For more information,
check out the official website!!

*nee-san is a suffix used after Japanese names to denote an older sister.


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