More announcements!

I will be playing “Literature Girl”
in the TV anime “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou*”!

This anime is dangerously amazing (lol)
Let’s just say there are a lot of amusing things about it.
At the office, there’s always a
tsukkomi and boke battle going on** (-ω-;)
At times, due to that the atmosphere can get
awkward but we still push on with
our strong hearts to do a good show.
The character, literature girl that I play
doesn’t speak much but her presence
is really strong.
Please tune in!!

The broadcasts are as follows:-
TV Tokyo – 9th January
TV Aichi –  12th January
TV Osaka – 13th January
AT-X 10th & 13th January

For more information, please
visit the official home page!

* If you don’t already know, the show’s title means “The daily lives of high school boys”.
** Tsukkomi and Boke refers to the two main roles in a Japanese manzai combination comedy duo. The Tsukkomi is the straight man and the Boke is the idiot; and they trade jokes at high speed.



One more! Announcement that is!
In the TV Anime “Inu x Boku”,
I will be playing the role of
Yukinokouji Nobara!

In an attempt to MAX capture
Nobara nee-san*’s hentai style,
I’m always thinking about adlibbing
at locations I am able to add
adlibs at where people end their dialogue.
While attempting to do all that,
I try to add in her kindness and
the vastness of her character,
including her bosoms,
so please look forward
to it all—-!(>ω<)

Also, the ending
theme to this anime is
sung by the main characters
in a character song style!
Will Nobara nee-san sing too!?
What do you think!?
Everyone, please also
look forward to that
bit, okay~?

It will broadcast on
MBS – 12th January
TBS – 13th January
CBC – 19th January
RKB – 17th January
BSTBS – 21st January

For more information,
check out the official website!!

*nee-san is a suffix used after Japanese names to denote an older sister.

New Year

A little late but
Happy New Year o(^-^)o

It just entered the new year
but it’s already suddenly the third.
Somehow, it feels like I can
feel spring’s breath!
From now on, with all the
appearances I have, time spent
reading mangas and light novels
for works I’ll be appearing in
which means I’m constantly indoors,
I can’t feel spring’s breath at all!
It’s cold!

Although it’s new year’s,
I’m spending it being lazy… lol
This year, Hikasa will also
face all the characters that she
will meet head on earnestly.
To the people from the office
who hold me up, to the staff
at recording locations, I will
never forgets all my feelings of
gratitude. To all who support me,
I will do my absolute best!
To deliver my voice to you!!!

All right then.
From here on, I’m going to
announce the things I wasn’t able to.

TV Anime
“High School DxD”
Where I will be playing
Rias Gremory.
Rias to me, is a
very challenging character
to voice due to her
very sexual nature so
I felt I had to voice her in
that way while at the same
time making the experience fun!
Please enjoy the artwork and also
the story of this work.
Look forward to both boobs and
action making an explosion!

High School DxD will
broadcast on
AT-X – 6th January
tvk – 1st January
TV Chiba, TV Aichi and Sun TV – 11th January
TOKYOMX – 12th January
BS11 – 14th January

In depth information can
be found on the webpage.
I am once again in your care!