how are you on new year’s eve??

I was busying myself with
one thing or another and
the day went by just like that
but I’m relieved I managed
to get things done.

Thinking about it, this year
has been a bit of a tumultuous one.
What with the quake disaster,
where we were all wrapped in so
much sadness and fear with some people
even to this day, coping with the sadness.
As voice actors, all we were
able to do in that situation as
entertainers was to deliver our
voices in the hopes that it can aid
in sending a message to everyone.
And I truly believe that with
what we have done, that we have
managed to bring Japan and its people
to at the very least join hands and hold
steadfast in this trying time.

For me personally, this year has been
one that is absolutely filling.
To be able to meet so many new
characters makes me really happy,
and the chance to reprise my previous
roles are also plenty and I completely
accept being able to step into the shoes
of those characters again!
Special events related to the works
I have done are also plenty this year.
Our newly formed unit RO-KYU-BU! has
been a wonderful new experience for me,
and has changed my views and way of thinking.
I am grateful to be able to learn so much.
And of course, it was all so much fun!

My own challenges that I faced
were also plentiful.
This year, I was able to play
so many different types of characters,
that it was such an enormous challenge
as a person and thanks to it, I was able
to continue growing. This year has been
an absolutely wonderful learning
I am grateful for everyone
that I have met along the way!

It’s really dark….!

I’ve up till this point,
moved straight forward in
my own way, in my performances
and also in my singing; and
in the midst of having so much fun,
I give it my all and believe I’ve tried my
very best at all that is thrown at me.
I hope from this point on as well,
you would all treat this painfully inexperienced me,
as you have always treated me. I am once
again in your care this year.

To everyone who
has already unfortunately caught a cold,
please take good care of yourself.
And with only a few minutes to go,
here are hopes for a good year ahead (・ω<)

Hikasa Youko


2 thoughts on “2011

  1. Thanks for updating! Yeah, I had similar thoughts on the passing of 2011. It was a pretty lousy year but I’m sure we all found ways to have some fun too.

    • Yeah, 2011 had its shares of ups and downs. It wasn’t a great year nor was it a bad year for me either. Was just kind of glad to get it over with.

      Somehow when translating this entry, her writing got to me and got me a little emotional at the end with all her heartfelt feelings.

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