Today’s Chirpings

The Jump Fest
[CoolCute] & [Binbougami] event
is over!
Thank you very much to
those who came to watch!
I really wanted to be able to
talk some more but the
30 minutes I had was up
in the blink of an eye.
It was my first time to
be in an event alongside
Misawa-sensei*, Hayashi-san,
Keiji-san and Kondou-san.
However, they were absolutely
unassuming…! (lol)
To be able to be with such
playful people made for a
very fun moment♪

After our turn was up,
I skulked around the
area and lo and behold,
I was able to procure
an autograph from
And what’s more,
the autograph had
Kao-chan** together
with my likeness!
I also selfishly asked for
a black gag# to be included
along with the autograph
and this was what I got.

Why does it say smOp.

It’s a treasure yade!
Misawa-sensei fans all around
the world, are you jealous? Fuhihi!
Thank you so much Misawa-sensei!!

And lastly, a souvernir photograph
I took with all the cool-faced men!

Make sure you buy
the Kakkokawaii DVD!

*Misawa-sensei refers to Jigoku no Misawa who is the author of the series [カッコカワイイ宣言! Kakkokawaii Sengen! lit. declaration of cool&cute!].
**Kao-chan is the protagonist in Kakkokawaii Sengen!


One thought on “Today’s Chirpings

  1. Hello, Yoko-sama. I am a very big your fan! I am from Latvia. I really, i would very much like to talk with you! Sorry for my english T___T

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