Gratitude for the Big Hit

Today was K-On!’s
Big hit on-stage meet-and-greet
from Kyoto → Osaka!!
Thank you so much to
all the attendees!
To be able to thank you
all again in this fashion
made me really happy-

It was a wonderful
It was really really fun-!!!

On the meet-and-greet
event on the first day,
there were things I wasn’t
able to talk about such as
our favourite scenes,
stuff about Ritsu and Mio,
about how much and much
we love K-On!
The stuff I feel I
failed at doing.
Being able to do all that
made me really happy.

Everyone was smiling so much
I felt like some sort of heroic defender
after a war. Seeing all I saw in everyone’s
eyes; So kindly looking at us in such a
warm atmosphere.
Sugar and the director and I were
able to talk so much (>ω<)

For each K-On event,
I end up always having to
search for blue clothing and
accessories. And each time I try to,
I get a little depressed when I have
trouble with that but because of this
work, I am able to smile 100 times more.
That is the kind of production that
K-On is and that’s why I always wish
to be able to once again work with
something that makes me smile this much!!
Thank you so very much!

I love K-On!

Me, Sugar and the director (who used both hands)
Peace! Peace!


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