Basara and Monster Hunter

The other day,
I was fortunate enought to be
able to attend Capcom’s
Sengoku Basara banquet!
I’m so happy because
I’m a huge fan (>ω<)
I played it immediately!!!
I was able to select any character.
Ootomo* is really fun to play as!
Kobayakawa# is annoying cute!
I ended up using these two unintentionally (^_^)

So so
Speaking of Capcom,
Monster Hunter 3G has
gone on sale!!!
It’s really difficult
and I’m still not used
to the controls but it’s fun!
It’s immense undefeatable awesomeness!
It felt like I played for a very long time☆
To be able to find players through
the 3DS’s networking capabilities
when walking past people sounds
exciting, doesn’t it?♪

While I got the game for free
I felt I needed to actually
purchase it with my own hands
So I went out and bought another copy.
One copy to be preserved! (・ω<)

I frequently get freebies from Capcom
and at times, I feel like I’m neglecting
the “being grateful” part of the exchange.
Thank you so very much!

While the both are
incredibly popular games, that isn’t all
They’re so much fun as well
So to those who like games,
Let’s play!


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