It appears I’m the one to be blamed,
because it seems that for the
junior and high school mobile
phone slang words ranking;
coming in at second place is…

Japan, are you okay?

… I kid. tehepero (・ω<)

I was honestly surprised
but really really happy!
Thank you all so much ♪
For it to become popular
within the seiyuu community
is sort of understandable but
for it to be able to spread to
the general public is probably
due to my seiyuu companions,
the staff I work with; Also Mayuyu-chan and
Kaneda-san* who are popular
celebrities using the phrase,
probably brought it out in the open,
is what I believe (>_<)
Thank you so much
It’s actually quite
embarassing… f^_^;

And just like that, I
shouldn’t be surprised that the
phrase won.
But above all that,
when it was broadcast on TV,
friends and just about everyone else
sent me text messages
being all happy for me
made me really happy.
The actual person,
feels like she’s being left behind
by the very quick flow of
the current times.

I’m not sure if anyone who is
reading this and have not seen the
program where they announced it
but if you can, look for it somewhere
online please!

*Mayuyu is a member of the incredibly popular pop group AKB48. Kaneda-san (after doing a quick research) refers to Kaneda Akira, a well known comedian in Japan.


3 thoughts on “Tehepero

    • The first place Japanese phone slang of the moment is the phrase “リア充Riajuu” which means to be satisfied with your “real (non-internet) life”.

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