Miso soup is tasty

Thank you to everyone
who tuned in to MuComi+*.♪
I managed to talk a lot about
the K-On! movie
drank a lot of miso soup and
performed transformation
phrases chosen by the
transformation sound director.
It was a meaningful 1 hour.

Adding sesame oil into miso soup
is really delicious!!
Everyone please try it as well!
Thank you so much Tsuruoka-san#,
who is an actual sound director
(Jumping bow of respect)
My whole life I’ll never be able to match you
I’m your ally (T_T)

*MuComi+ is a radio show that is broadcast on the Nippon Housou radio channel.
#I believe Tsuruoka-san refers to Tsuruoka Youta who is a well known anime sound director who has working on shows like K-On, Nichijou, A-Channel and much much more.


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