Public Event!

It’s been a while, again.
It’s Hikasa! (^_^)

To the guests who attended
the USJ event,
Thank you so much.
It’s really been a while since
the last K-On! live event
so I’m really happy!
Moreover, this is my first
time doing a K-On! live in
the Kansai region so
I’m now doubly happy!

The K-On! movie
has premiered!!!

During the first screening
yesterday, we had an on-stage
greeting session and also managed to hold
a live recording session for AniSpa*.
All in all it was a wonderful day♪

The K-On! world was
created by everyone with
the utmost amount of care.
If you can, please try to watch
it on the big screen!!
I want to watch it all over again
on the big screen myself!

This is my costume for the
USJ K-On! event! o(^-^)o

For both the USJ even and also the
stage event during the premiere, lots
of photographs were taken. Next time,
I’ll post them.

Well then,
I’m doing my best today as well!

*Anispa is an A&G radio show hosted by Washizaki Takeshi and Asano Misumi.


One thought on “Public Event!

  1. wow…. now i really want to be in japan… it would be nice if the live event dun stop so i can see one next year….. how her next post comes soon wanna see those pics!

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