Lawson Fair

The Lawson K-On
fair has begun again!
I visited it with Shuga*!

Some of the stuff I bought ☆

This Tirol# was bought elsewhere
on a different day

It’s Christmas Themed!
It’s too unbelievably cute!

Inside, it’s

like this.
Mio’s surrounded by all the
costumed animals.o(^ω^)o

I actually dropped by Lawson
without knowing about it~(>_<)

Now that we’re nearing the movie
release date, so many fun things
have been happening.
Everyone, let’s all look forward to
all the fun~~!!

*Shuga or Sugar is Satou Satomi’s nickname. She plays Ritsu in the K-On! series. The nickname originates from the fact that her last name Satou can also mean Sugar in Japanese.
# Tirol is a Japanese brand of Chocolate. Their site is here (In Japanese only). Unfortunately there isn’t an English wiki page that I can link to.


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