The other day
Kaorin, Emirin and
youkorin (・ω<)
went to Sukiya#.
Before, I had wanted to eat
a hot bowl of rice! “But
there’s always next time!” I thought
Thus, we ended up here at
a beef bowl** store!

This is only my second time in Sukiya in my life.
There are so many toppings that
would tickle a girl’s fancy♪

Kaorin and Emirin are extremely
fun and kind people.
While we were hard at work,
when the microphones were somehow

a photography light was used in its place
as a jest.
Photograph ‘by’ Emirin.

A censor print was stuck
on my Manager’s face.
☆by Youkorin!

It would be really nice
if the three of us went
out to eat together again. (^_^)

* If you couldn’t already guess, it’s a play on that Katou Emiri and Fukuhara Kaori [pictured next to Hiyocchi in the 2nd photograph] (Both her castmates in the film version of ‘Sora no Otoshimono’ are called by their nicknames Emirin and Kaorin respectively. So she decided to add ‘rin’ after her name as well. Oh Hiyocchi, you so silly.
** Gyuudonya. A store that specialises in “Gyuudon”; literally Beef Bowls. It’s a dish much like the unadon in the previous post but just with thin slices of beef and onions in a slightly sweet gravy instead.
#Sukiya is a chain of famous restaurants in Japan that originated in Yokohama. It’s chain of restaurants have expanded to international waters with three branches all the way in Sao Paolo Brazil. Read (just a little) more here.


4 thoughts on “RinRinRin*

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that Sukiya would have locations in Brazil; apparently Brazil has the world’s largest immigrant Japanese population.

    • I remember looking that up and iirc I found something somewhere. Now that I try to look it up again, I can’t seem to find where I got the information. Let you know if I find it again. lol

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