It’s sort of been a while.

It feels like my eyes are spinning,
but I was immersed in a drama*.
It made for a really
happy week.

Things like a new role
or how to further develop
an ongoing role is what’s
going through my head right now.
Today, I was in a drama*
From the outset, I collapsed
from laughing too hard and couldn’t breathe.
I want to be able to announce
this new project to everyone soon (>_<)
Meaning, I’m just waiting for
the embargo to be lifted.
Then I will w-w-w-wr-write it all! Next time!

For this unskillful me to be able
to be part of a creation of something
is absolutely my pleasure and is something
I always reflect on.
As always I do my best.

I wonder if this week’s ability to do my best

is due to the eel**.
Lately, I’ve eaten is quite a bit.
I tend to like to eat streetside
and get comfortably fat doing it (-_-#)

It’s been getting cold recently
so I’ve been heading out with my
winter coat on!
Everyone, keep yourself warm
so you don’t catch a cold, all right!(?)

*It could also mean like a stage play. Until she actually announces it, I have no idea which it is.
**Pictured is a dish served in most Japanese restaurants called an Unajuu. An Unajuu is Unagi (n. Eel 鰻) served in a (重爆) which is a laquered box usually brown/red in colour rather than the usual Unadon (鰻丼) which is unagi served in a bowl called a donburi (丼). It’s really really delicious though I’ve had some Australian friends who didn’t like it. Haha.


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