Yesterday was 11.11.11, wasn’t it?

I wanted to take a picture
at 11 o’ clock, 11 minutes and 11 seconds!
But the digital clock doesn’t show the seconds.
and… I was at work too…

At the scene of the crime, there
were a LOT of Pocky*.
Even the convenience store mentioned
that people were buying lots and lots of Pocky.
Pocky is incredible, isn’t it?
I wonder if everyone’s eating
pockypockypockypockypocky (´Д`)

On this day, the 11th of the 11th month of the 11th year (in this millennium)
What kind of mark will Hikasa’s
leave behind in her record of existance!
was what I thought. So during a break
at work, I was thinking about something new
that I could do and the result is…

I’m going to go to a kaiten sushi bar** by myself!!

… but that’s just so lonesome!
Although it was delicious!

That was sort of a grade schooler’s
way of thinking but I think it made life just that
little bit more fun.
Fufufu (-ω-)

*11/11 every year is Pocky day in Japan where people buy and share Pocky, lol.
** A kaiten sushi bar is one that has a bar type interface where you sit at a bar, and there’s this little conveyor belt that has premade sushi going around the track. Some stores actually use a toy train where the cargo are sushi.


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