Being Grateful

We have now launched
the ‘Sora no Otoshimono’ movie!
I get very heated up about movies
usually right before the premeire
of the movie itself!
Everyone was smiling really broadly☆

Hiyori* had a pretty big part
in this movie.
She even got to be able to
sing in it.
The event was
really fun as well!
Both the cast and the staff
made everyone feel very
very warm and welcomed.
I’m sure Hiyori feels the same.
Both Hiyori and I
were really happy about it all!
I’ve come to love the
‘sora no otoshimono’ world.

Hiyori was a really new
challenge for me.
From the get go, I faced it,
and played her in my own little
way with everything I had in me.
I also received a lot of
things related to Hiyori.
Thank you so much.

To all who attended,
from the bottom of my heart,
thank you all very very much.
That the movie was a big hit,
is all thanks to all of you.

It would be nice if I
could meet Hiyori again (>ω<)

* For those who don’t know, Hiyori is the name of the character Hiyocchi plays in the ‘Sora no Otoshimono’ movie.


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