Happy Things

It’s a little late but
I’ve finished reading all the
letters we received during the
Osaka performance.

As always, thank you all very much.
There are so many “thank you”s and
“Nice to meet you”s that my heart
has been completely warmed by them all.(>_<。)

Just like this,
all the time you all spent
to actually write and get it sent
all your letters to me…
It’s things like this that makes me really happy!

Maybe it’s because of the season,
but there’s just something that makes me
sort of wish you all could write your names
to me… or not.
tehepero (・ω<)*

Each time I perform,
it always gives me a boost of spirit.
Thank you all so very much.
Although the biggest and only thing
I can do for all of you, the thing I can
give back to everyone, is my voice.
So for the final performance on the 13th,
I’m going to give it my everything,
to be able to bring and deliver my feelings
to everyone present through my singing,
my talking and just about every ounce of myself.
For the sake of a wonderful stage,
I will do my absolute best!!!

*tehepero is something started by Hikasa and it’s caught on to so many other seiyuus. It’s sort of like her trademark catchphrase. She does it all the time in whatever video she’s in. Haha


3 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. Tehepero IS her trademark catchphrase. She even won an award for it back in 2009.
    She’s been using it everywhere ever since… well.. ever!

    Just thought I’d share that.

    • Lol yeah, I’ve seen that video before as well of her receiving the award.

      Apologies for the really slow entries lately. I get stuck sometimes on certain confusing phrases.

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