Lawson Fair

The Lawson K-On
fair has begun again!
I visited it with Shuga*!

Some of the stuff I bought ☆

This Tirol# was bought elsewhere
on a different day

It’s Christmas Themed!
It’s too unbelievably cute!

Inside, it’s

like this.
Mio’s surrounded by all the
costumed animals.o(^ω^)o

I actually dropped by Lawson
without knowing about it~(>_<)

Now that we’re nearing the movie
release date, so many fun things
have been happening.
Everyone, let’s all look forward to
all the fun~~!!

*Shuga or Sugar is Satou Satomi’s nickname. She plays Ritsu in the K-On! series. The nickname originates from the fact that her last name Satou can also mean Sugar in Japanese.
# Tirol is a Japanese brand of Chocolate. Their site is here (In Japanese only). Unfortunately there isn’t an English wiki page that I can link to.


Movie soon

Interviews with various
magazines have at length
begun for the K-On! movie!!

Dressed in something like this

or something like this.
I’ve been photographed wearing
those kinds of clothing.(`・ω・´)
Keep a look out for the magazines!

Finally, it’s this weekend.
The K-On! event and live
at USJ*. This will be my first time
at USJ. It’s been a while since a
K-On event and I’m really
looking forward to it (^人^)

*Universal Studios Japan



The other day
Kaorin, Emirin and
youkorin (・ω<)
went to Sukiya#.
Before, I had wanted to eat
a hot bowl of rice! “But
there’s always next time!” I thought
Thus, we ended up here at
a beef bowl** store!

This is only my second time in Sukiya in my life.
There are so many toppings that
would tickle a girl’s fancy♪

Kaorin and Emirin are extremely
fun and kind people.
While we were hard at work,
when the microphones were somehow

a photography light was used in its place
as a jest.
Photograph ‘by’ Emirin.

A censor print was stuck
on my Manager’s face.
☆by Youkorin!

It would be really nice
if the three of us went
out to eat together again. (^_^)

* If you couldn’t already guess, it’s a play on that Katou Emiri and Fukuhara Kaori [pictured next to Hiyocchi in the 2nd photograph] (Both her castmates in the film version of ‘Sora no Otoshimono’ are called by their nicknames Emirin and Kaorin respectively. So she decided to add ‘rin’ after her name as well. Oh Hiyocchi, you so silly.
** Gyuudonya. A store that specialises in “Gyuudon”; literally Beef Bowls. It’s a dish much like the unadon in the previous post but just with thin slices of beef and onions in a slightly sweet gravy instead.
#Sukiya is a chain of famous restaurants in Japan that originated in Yokohama. It’s chain of restaurants have expanded to international waters with three branches all the way in Sao Paolo Brazil. Read (just a little) more here.


It’s sort of been a while.

It feels like my eyes are spinning,
but I was immersed in a drama*.
It made for a really
happy week.

Things like a new role
or how to further develop
an ongoing role is what’s
going through my head right now.
Today, I was in a drama*
From the outset, I collapsed
from laughing too hard and couldn’t breathe.
I want to be able to announce
this new project to everyone soon (>_<)
Meaning, I’m just waiting for
the embargo to be lifted.
Then I will w-w-w-wr-write it all! Next time!

For this unskillful me to be able
to be part of a creation of something
is absolutely my pleasure and is something
I always reflect on.
As always I do my best.

I wonder if this week’s ability to do my best

is due to the eel**.
Lately, I’ve eaten is quite a bit.
I tend to like to eat streetside
and get comfortably fat doing it (-_-#)

It’s been getting cold recently
so I’ve been heading out with my
winter coat on!
Everyone, keep yourself warm
so you don’t catch a cold, all right!(?)

*It could also mean like a stage play. Until she actually announces it, I have no idea which it is.
**Pictured is a dish served in most Japanese restaurants called an Unajuu. An Unajuu is Unagi (n. Eel 鰻) served in a (重爆) which is a laquered box usually brown/red in colour rather than the usual Unadon (鰻丼) which is unagi served in a bowl called a donburi (丼). It’s really really delicious though I’ve had some Australian friends who didn’t like it. Haha.

My daughters!

With my cute daughters
right after the live

Thank you for both your exuberance
and your energy.
From the bottom of my heart,
I am so glad that the chibikko* team
is made up of these two.

*chibikko (ちびっこ) = An amalgam of ちび (chibi) which is defined as a pipsqueak (basically a small sized person.. Used in anime/manga terms to mean a super deformed version of a character) and 子 (こ [ko]) which means child or kid. Usually used for someone younger than you.


In the dressing room after the live,
we took commemorative photos
of everyone in their bibs.

Yuka’s theme is

She calls out “Heih!”
Every single time, it’s “Heih!”,
No one has any idea why even (^^ゞ

*It’s supposed to be just a sound.. I had no idea how I was supposed to make sense of this with alphabets but it’s written へっ which is sort of like the sounds characters in fighting games make when they throw a punch.. HEIH! or something like that I guess. Haha


Good morning!(・ω<)

Our live tour run has closed →
I got home extremely pooped
Nuoo~ It’s going to be a while before
my body gets a proper rest (lol)

So, this must mean that
the RO-KYU-BU! Live Tour
has been safely completed!!!!!

To everyone who attended,
I truly and really
thank you very much!
For the first performance in Tokyo,
to my first ever performance in Osaka,
until the very last extra outing,
there are also those who turned up
for every single performance
Each and every performance was
a little different here and there,
every little thing, every song,
have all now become very precious

RO-KYU-BU! really spent a lot of time
together as a unit.
The PV**, the photo taking sessions, the live tour,
Everytime I look beside me,
there’s Kana,
Rina and
We did our best while laughing together.
It’s like we were all one body and soul.

Because I’m still a newbie,
at times I may dash in the wrong direction,
but I get skillfully turned back to the correct
direction by all the adults who support me so much.

“Where is my place in all this?”
“What can I do for everyone around me?”
was what I was thinking about again
Thinking like that, made me realise how amazing
Yui and Rina’s beings are.
I just wanna love them (lol)
I really wanna care for Kana
And with Yuka, we do really idiotic things⊂( ^ω^)⊃
And to Nocchi, the dance assistant
that taught us everything we needed to know,
She choreographed ‘three person dance’***
and also led us through all the other dances and
always cheered us on with a great smile on her face.
It’s become more like a six person group (ノ><)ノ
The RO-KYU-BU! members, all the staff,
the live tour members,  as long as all of us
are together, we’re actually like a large family!!(>_<)
Our bonds have all deepened to that extent.

And above all,
the most important thing that
I was given was the gift of being guided
through all the rough times.

“To attend and watch”
isn’t quite right.
“To join us in the fun” is more like it.
To be this close to everyone during the
live performance was a huge step for me.
Unfortunately, for the closing performance,
due to the cameras being there, we were
unable to be as close to the audience as
we’d have loved to be so it felt a little lonely (sad smile)

Throughout it all, I kept worrying about the
mistakes I made but I came to realise that
the mistakes I made weren’t all that important.
To be able to get all pumped up with everyone.
To be able to see all your faces one by one.
To be able to shake so many hands.
It wasn’t just you that had that much fun,
we had the most amazing time ourselves.
And that, I believe was the most precious thing!
It is my first time to be able to
think something like that about a live performance.

To absolutely everyone, thank you all so very much.
We’re all actually like one big family!!!!!

As part of RO-KYU-BU!, we spent a lot of time
outside of being just seiyuus****.
We gained so much experience about
all the things we never knew,
and it is like as if my own existence’s values have
altered and I believe all this was a just needed time spent.
Taking part in all the RO-KYU-BU! activities,
I had thought that I wanted to learn a lot from it
and I ended up learning so much, it was quite a lot to take in.
I am completely unable to show how much I appreciate all this.

It was an immensely large project,
and I really shouldn’t be able to bring myself to
callously called out “Let’s do it! Let’s do it!” even once more.
It wasn’t just a large thing for us,
even to the staff involved, this entire thing was immense. f^_^;

But.. I’m going to do it anyway.



RO-KYU-BU is completely…
and absolutely the best!!

*Mattaku means “absolutely/complete/perfectly” somehow I felt it right to leave it as it was.
**PV stands for Promotional Video. They’re like MTV videos. It’s just what they’re called in Japan. They did a PV for the Ro-Kyu-Bu anime OP called “SHOOT!”.
***I believe it was the same dance that was shown in Iguchi Yuka’s Mu-n episode 58.
**** Voice actors.