*With a roaring sound*

The other day
when I had some work related thing
to do at Ikebukuro,
I found myself with some free time
and was wondering what I should do
when suddenly, there was an Animate*
store right in front of me

There was nothing else but to go in!
So therefore,
I rushed in with my manager!
We toured around the upstairs
and downstairs section
and I even bought some stuff.

I bought some souvenirs for
the other RO-KYU-BU! members
and also some things for myself
including a K-On mug♪
A Gintama subtai T-shirt**
and a Mio figure I wanted to buy
were sold out.
Bad luck~

At the DVD section, I found

the K-On! corner!
Without realising it, when
I took the photo, I took it during
my bit (on the video screen).
Hii! (;><)ノ It’s embarassing

As per usual
when I do get to doing it,
I think it’s precious to look at
all the various goods from the
shows I work on.
It’s really fun☆

Early this morning,
I used the mug (that she bought)
to drink a cup of Cafe Au Lait***!

*Animate is a chain of stores that carries goods related to animes from simple souvenirs like the Cup hiyocchi mentions to DVDs like in the picture. The store name is アニメイト in Japanese.
**A Subtai T-Shirt or (Subtitle T-Shirt) are just T-Shirt with only text on them and no images. The Text are usually comedic in nature.
***Cafe Au Lait is simply coffee with milk.


Turu Turu*

I went to a beauty parlour

I’m getting healed by
They shampooed it [my hair]
And a treatment made
it all sleek and shiny.

Hafuuu.. It’s refreshing.

I have received something gentle
“My head is so shaky
I can’t attach  my eyelash
extensions due to my bothersome
long fringe/bangs so please
put them on for me (・ω<)” was
my unreasonable request
that I did my best to put on
the beautician. (lol)
Thank you Beautician-san!
Putting it on and not being able
to put it on aside, I feel very

Before going to a beauty parlour,
I kinda feel like it’s such a bother
but after going, I feel seriously
refreshed and refreshed**
and as if I’ve become lighter.

I can fly!
or at least feel like I can.

Ah, by fly (furai フライ)
I didn’t mean deep fried food! (furai フライas well lol)
I mean I feel like I can lift off!
Er, lifting off is probably a bad idea.


*I have no idea what this means. It seems like either the name for a Japanese hair treatment technique or a warped version of the onomatopoeia “tsurutsuru” which means “silky” and refers to hair as well. Either ways, it’s probably got to do with hair since this entry is dedicated to the beauty parlour. If anyone has any inkling what “とぅるとぅる” is supposed to be, feel free to comment.
** Two different onomatopoeias meaning the same thing lol さっぱり and すっきり both mean ‘to feel refreshed’. Just thought I’d leave it in like that for kicks.



The current issue of
Seiyuu Animedia features
RO-KYU-BU! on the front cover!

This time it’s pink!
Soft and fluffy pink!

For the solo, it’s something like this.
This hairdo was chosen
by the hairdresser because
it was suitable
and was everyone’s favourite.
Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot

There are a lot of photos
inserted in the magazine.
Everyone please
take a look at them!

At last

The other day, we finished with the dress rehearsal
worked really hard!

Everyone spent the entire day together♪
Singing, dancing and laughing,
eating our bento
It’s like as if we’re camping together-☆
At last, next Sunday
is going to be the first day of the live tour!
That’s a lie, isn’t it!!?? (*△*;)
It’s going to come in the blink of an eye.
To those who are going to attend,
let’s have fun together-!!

*Translator’s note: Taketatsu Ayana did the same thing during rehearsal for the “Come With Me” K-On live concert. It was really cute.. fufufu


Quite a while ago,
At the close of the Monster Hunter Radio
Broadcast channel, we were able to
attend and play Capcom’s games at TGS.
It made me happy~

I’m doing my best with KitaEri after
we took over from the
ever busy Koji-san!

A break

Once in a while, I get
an entire day off- (>_<)☆
Lately, I’ve been working
left, right and center.
Might be due to exhaustion
from practice (dance),
I passed out for 13 hours straight lol.
I felt 100 times better!

Once in a while, I get to cook too!
It’s super fun!
It’s a good change of pace☆

Both the gyoza* and the fillings are homemade!
All I had to do was look up the
ingredients, write it down and
tried it myself.
It’s filled with chicken
and oyster sauce.
And I was able to make
tasty gyoza!
I put the leftovers into the freezer

I think the last time I made some Gyoza must
have been when I was still in Elementary school.
Haa~ I had fun!

Somehow, now I have this huge craving for eggs.
Next time, I’m going to try making Oyakodon**…!

* Gyoza is a dumpling that usually contains ground meat and possibly vegetables wrapped in dough. The Japanese style ones tend to be fried till one or both sides are crispy. They’re seriously delicious. Look up more on this here and if you want to try making some yourself, look here.
** An Oyakodon is a Japanese rice bowl (or donburi) dish that literally translates to (Parent-Child Bowl). It is a popular dish to order and can be found at most Japanese style restaurants outside of Japan even. It usually contains just chicken, egg and sliced onions. The name is a play on that both the chicken(parent) and the egg(child) are both used. Read more here.