Inadvertently Unconcerned

About a month ago,
my power stone* bracelet snapped
and all the stones went flying
So now I’ve brought it to get fixed!
Since the stones went flying,
there were some that we were unable
to find when we picked the rest up.
So for that situation, we added more
of the stones and got it evened out.

Today, out of the blue,
without any prior arrangement,
I ran into,
a teacher who is around at times,
gives opinions at times!
It was a wonderful coincidence happened.
It was ‘that kind of day,’ I thought. (≧ω≦)b
is it luck that I’m able to become
so happy over something so trivial… was
what I was wondering.
Am I just a simpleton? (*’-‘)

Meeting people, or even things has to be fate.
You gotta treasure them!

*Power stones in Japan and most of Asia are crystals fashioned into jewellery usually bracelets or sometimes cellphone straps and are said to change the owner’s luck by means of Feng Shui.


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