Hello from a replacement machine! (probably referencing breaking her phone)
The Kansai live is done!
I really really really really really
wanted to watch the Chuparico Stage*

Eriko-san herself has just
returned from Kansai!

We got some souvenirs!**
We got to eat Kobe Beef with white
rice and it was really delicious!
I’ve been saying that I wanted to watch it
so the captain*** recorded it for my sake!
And watch it, I did!

Chuparico is amazing!!!
Chiaki-san is seriously amazing!!!
I’ve always thought that that dancing
while wearing heels is really really
difficult but dancing while singing
is even harder!
Probably the effort required by a lady.

If we’re able to do another live
recording of momonoki, it’ll be great, wouldn’t it?

* She’s referencing Takahashi Chiaki who has a single called Tonight is Chupariko and was probably performing elsewhere at the same time.
** in the form of food of course.. hohoho
*** The Captain of (隊長) refers to Fujibayashi Hiroyuki, the director of the radio show that Hikasa hosts with Nakamura Eriko [Odoroki Sentai Momonoki Five].


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