Today is really hot! (sweat)

The remnants of the live
is still around.
I’m all fluffy
It was so fun
I wanna do it again! is what I feel!
This weekend needs to come faster!!
Attendees of the Osaka performance
Let’s have lots of fun together!!!

Now then,
Right now I’m blogging from
my mobile phone…
but then, around last month
the folding part of the phone
was making weird noises…
“Ah whatever” was what I thought
when a screw(?) or some component thing
appeared to have come loose.
When I shake it, it makes a noise like
two things rubbing together.

A mobile phone is really important
for my line of work so I had it
sent to be repaired.
And because I’m a bit of a disorderly
person so my things sort of break.
I’m sorry mobile phone!
Up until now, ‘good work’ for
all you’ve done mobile phone!
Thank you mobile phone!
Fooreveer mobile phone!


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