Reading all the letters
received from everyone,
I suddenly realised it’s gotten
to this time.

Today is (well, more like yesterday)
the first day of the RO-KYU-BU tour!
To those who attended!!
Thank you so very much!
We got hot in the heat~* (lol)

The crowd was really pumped up
that we felt that we had to give it our all!
so we sang and danced
with everything we’ve got!!!
Doing it together with everyone
made it that much more fun!
I’m unable to express these
strong feelings of being able
to perform with everyone  on this stage
that we made.
It was truly enjoyable.

The tour has only just begun!
Everything that we worked so hard
on with everything we had and being able
to do it all over again three times is
so amazing and it brings me joy.
Especially being able to perform live
for the kansai region. It’s something
completely new to me and I’m glad.
I’m going to work even harder now!

After reading the letters,
I’ve realised that there are a lot
more letters from females than
I expected there to be.
In that standing area, there
were really this many females!?
I was surprised but I’m really
happy to know that.
Were you all alright?
I hope no one got hurt(>_<)
As always, thank you all so much
for the letters and the presents!!!
Reading the letters after
the event made me cry.
And to think that all the way till the
end of the live, that
I managed to hold out f^_^;

Once again,
thank you so very much to
those who attended.
Please have a good rest.

I’m also going to
head off to bed (´Д`)zzz

*Japanese word play here. She used two different versions of the word hot. One to mean an object becoming hot (presumably herself) and one to mean the temperature.


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