The WORKING anime has
started broadcasting!!
Did everyone see Izumi’s first (and
probably last) stand out appearance
in the show?

The WORKING scene has
quite a few interesting members who I
absolutely love. During intermissions,
I tend to bother the heck out of
Shizuka-san and KitaEri** and while
they poke fun at me too, somehow
we’ve become pretty close (lol)

A certain recording day
happened  to be near Watanabe-san’s***

There are so much HAPPY BIRTHDAY

A certain invading Mr Frog was found
to be wrapped up in one of the packages. o(^-^)o

*Kaeru when written かえる can mean quite a lot of things but in this case it probably refers to the frog.
**Shizuka-san refers to Itou Shizuka (one of my favourite seiyuus too) who voices the main character Takanashi Souta’s sister. A sibling to Hikasa’s character too. KitaEri is Kitamura Eri who voices one of the main character Todoroki Yachiyo.
***Watanabe Kumiko who voices the manager of Wagnaria.


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