*With a roaring sound*

The other day
when I had some work related thing
to do at Ikebukuro,
I found myself with some free time
and was wondering what I should do
when suddenly, there was an Animate*
store right in front of me

There was nothing else but to go in!
So therefore,
I rushed in with my manager!
We toured around the upstairs
and downstairs section
and I even bought some stuff.

I bought some souvenirs for
the other RO-KYU-BU! members
and also some things for myself
including a K-On mug♪
A Gintama subtai T-shirt**
and a Mio figure I wanted to buy
were sold out.
Bad luck~

At the DVD section, I found

the K-On! corner!
Without realising it, when
I took the photo, I took it during
my bit (on the video screen).
Hii! (;><)ノ It’s embarassing

As per usual
when I do get to doing it,
I think it’s precious to look at
all the various goods from the
shows I work on.
It’s really fun☆

Early this morning,
I used the mug (that she bought)
to drink a cup of Cafe Au Lait***!

*Animate is a chain of stores that carries goods related to animes from simple souvenirs like the Cup hiyocchi mentions to DVDs like in the picture. The store name is アニメイト in Japanese.
**A Subtai T-Shirt or (Subtitle T-Shirt) are just T-Shirt with only text on them and no images. The Text are usually comedic in nature.
***Cafe Au Lait is simply coffee with milk.


One thought on “*With a roaring sound*

  1. If I know what Mio’s figure is she buying, I will definitely buy it and give it to her, even if she’s on Japan and I’m not.. ^^

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