Turu Turu*

I went to a beauty parlour

I’m getting healed by
They shampooed it [my hair]
And a treatment made
it all sleek and shiny.

Hafuuu.. It’s refreshing.

I have received something gentle
“My head is so shaky
I can’t attach  my eyelash
extensions due to my bothersome
long fringe/bangs so please
put them on for me (・ω<)” was
my unreasonable request
that I did my best to put on
the beautician. (lol)
Thank you Beautician-san!
Putting it on and not being able
to put it on aside, I feel very

Before going to a beauty parlour,
I kinda feel like it’s such a bother
but after going, I feel seriously
refreshed and refreshed**
and as if I’ve become lighter.

I can fly!
or at least feel like I can.

Ah, by fly (furai フライ)
I didn’t mean deep fried food! (furai フライas well lol)
I mean I feel like I can lift off!
Er, lifting off is probably a bad idea.


*I have no idea what this means. It seems like either the name for a Japanese hair treatment technique or a warped version of the onomatopoeia “tsurutsuru” which means “silky” and refers to hair as well. Either ways, it’s probably got to do with hair since this entry is dedicated to the beauty parlour. If anyone has any inkling what “とぅるとぅる” is supposed to be, feel free to comment.
** Two different onomatopoeias meaning the same thing lol さっぱり and すっきり both mean ‘to feel refreshed’. Just thought I’d leave it in like that for kicks.


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