Pure Elements 6

The last one is
once again a picture of all five of us

The horizon is beeeeautiful

Sunsets at the beach feels
somehow kind of lonely.
A faint moon has come out.

The beach is really wide, you know!
It’s really huge, you know!

From morning till evening
we took soooo sooooo
many pictures
Of course the sun was blazing
down on us but doing it
with everyone was really fun!!
I was just thinking again,
that together with everyone,
one by one, we overcame it all
while having fun!
This year, I’ve really
spent a lot of time
with the RO-KYU-BU! members.

By the way!
It so happens that at this time,
it was my birthday (O_O)
I was all “Feeeiiaaa, I’m tiiired”
when they suddenly brought out a cake
right after I’ve taken off my make up too.
I couldn’t help laughing while
crying out of happiness! (lol)

All right-
Next, I’m going to
show you guys the picture(s)
taken by Seiyuu Animedia-san!


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