A break

Once in a while, I get
an entire day off- (>_<)☆
Lately, I’ve been working
left, right and center.
Might be due to exhaustion
from practice (dance),
I passed out for 13 hours straight lol.
I felt 100 times better!

Once in a while, I get to cook too!
It’s super fun!
It’s a good change of pace☆

Both the gyoza* and the fillings are homemade!
All I had to do was look up the
ingredients, write it down and
tried it myself.
It’s filled with chicken
and oyster sauce.
And I was able to make
tasty gyoza!
I put the leftovers into the freezer

I think the last time I made some Gyoza must
have been when I was still in Elementary school.
Haa~ I had fun!

Somehow, now I have this huge craving for eggs.
Next time, I’m going to try making Oyakodon**…!

* Gyoza is a dumpling that usually contains ground meat and possibly vegetables wrapped in dough. The Japanese style ones tend to be fried till one or both sides are crispy. They’re seriously delicious. Look up more on this here and if you want to try making some yourself, look here.
** An Oyakodon is a Japanese rice bowl (or donburi) dish that literally translates to (Parent-Child Bowl). It is a popular dish to order and can be found at most Japanese style restaurants outside of Japan even. It usually contains just chicken, egg and sliced onions. The name is a play on that both the chicken(parent) and the egg(child) are both used. Read more here.


2 thoughts on “A break

    • I’ve actually forgotten all about that. Haha

      *looks it up*

      You’re right! Tsukasa does talk about how it’s both the chicken and the egg. Nice catch. =D

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