Pure Elements 1

RO-KYU-BU!’s album
“Pure Elements”‘s
has been released.
It looks like it was received
favourably. Thank you so much!
Songs that make you think
‘It’s cute!’ or
‘It’s cool!’
ones that makes me go *kyun*,
and some that makes you
involuntarily feel a little down.
It’s an album that’s chock full with
all of those and I believe they
altogether made a wonderful album♪♪
By all means listen to it as much as you can☆

The jacket &
booklet contain
photos of RO-KYU-BU!
at the beach on location!!!
So much fun at an untouched beach!!!

Extremely blue skies!!!

Looking at the pictures
brings back memories and
pumps me up!
We took so many pictures
and I’m going to post them!
A few at a time! (lol)


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