Girls-only Meat Meal Party

The other day
Marina, Pon, Ayahi* and
I had a Girls Yakiniku Party.
The store
has a thing called
where a chef
grilled and grilled the food
*shabushabu* (The shabushabu in this case is the sound of grilling food. Not the hot pot =O)
Even this is tasty.

The chef was handling it so deftly
it’s like the meat has disappeared.

And now the TKG** that is greatly
praised by the girls!!
It was in the menu so naturally
we had to order the TKG!!
Are you serious, TKG?!

It was so overwhelmingly delicious
that I lost myself in it.

Being able to chat with all the girls
made the time disappear in the blink of an eye.
It would have been better
if we had more time~
It was super super super fun-!

Everytime I go out to eat with Marina
and everyone else, it’s yakiniku.
I wish it’ll always be like this where
everytime we go out, it’ll be yakiniku!!!!

*Marina would be Inoue Marina; Pon would be Shimoda Asami who is nicknamed Asapon (and subsequently just Pon by Hikasa) and lastly Ayahi would be Takagaki Ayahi.
**TKG stands for Tamago Kake Gohan (卵賭けご飯) [lit. Egg over Rice] wiki. The term TKG I believe started from the anime Nurarihyon no Mago where it’s one of the character’s favourite food.


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