Dengeki Festival*

Yesterday was
Dengeki Bunko’s Fall Festival 2011.
To everyone who turned up,
thank you very much!
It was unpleasantly chilly
but because I was dancing
and singing, I felt extremely
hot and was bathed in sweat! lol

From talking to the
RO-KYU-BU! members,
we agreed that being able to
perform made it a very
enjoyable festival!

Before we got on stage,
we kept going over our steps
and worried about our performance
but why is it when we actually
perform, it was so much fun!
It must be because of
everyone cheering us on!
It felt like everyone
was with us on the stage!

Right now with the live tour ahead of
us, we’re in the middle of training even harder.
Additionally the performance has been
announced and presales for tickets have beguuun
Even the album’s release date
is in two days

I’ll do my best!!

let’s get fired up together-!

*The Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival is an annual convention event run by Dengeki Bunko Magazine that started in 2009.


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