Yesterday on
A&G Request Digistar
was mine and Kame’s
last time hosting!!

Kame bought and brought
along with her some paper
flowers and strings.
Then the Digistar staff –
and during the broadcast,
even the non-Digistar staff
members – helped out
with it lol.
We worked on it as a big group!
Thank you so very much!

The wonderfully decorated studio

And the programme’s miraculous
lottery winning 50,000¥

Was used for this nabe!
Spiny Lobster! Crab! Blowfish! Chicken!
So extravagant!!

We graduated from this show
in a very “us” fashion.
Noisily and exhaustingly
but also warmly.
I believe it was a wonderful
last hurrah.

The (success of the) production of our
Digistar, was all due
to everyone’s requests,
the warm news and
all the listener support!

To be surrounded by the fun
and gentle staff, to be able
to have conversation with Kame,
to be able to overcome obstacles
one at a time, through all the laughter
and the worries is what made this
programme wonderful.

During the finale, the listeners
all came together to send flowers
and words that we gratefully

A chick with a turtle; and
even the words “Digistar” (デジスタ)
were all made out of roses!
I’m so extremely happy!

For these two and a half years,
Thank you very very very

I felt a pang of regret
when it came time to part.
Talking with the staff
while eating the nabe,
I thought, “Wouldn’t it be
great if we could meet again.”

All right!
From here on it’s Dengeki!
The Ro-Kyu-Bu stage
will be sooon
Gonna do my best-!


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