During the RO-KYU-BU dance
practice, everyone kinda started
eating a lot of potato chips.
We really wanted something salty!
Today we got pizza flavoured chips!


There was only one chip that’s
completely and extremely covered
with cheese—!

Even if it’s Breadcrumbs,
that’s still way too much.
This piece of chip totally stands out!*

During the RO-KYU-BU
practice, I had one of those.
Although it was only
one person’s share,
the flavour was really strong. (lol)

SHOOT!PV’s reverse view No. 2.

Emergency Exit!

* Special thanks to Ambi for the help.


2 thoughts on “Pizzapotato

  1. Just commenting to say the part you asterisked means something along the lines of “[The single chip] is totally standing out(relative to the other chips)” 存在感 = presence or how much it stands out while 半端ない is colloquial for “a lot” or “totally”. Regardless of that, good job on the translations :D I’m enjoying them <3

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