I quite like watching
Onegai ranking.
I think television programs
that run really late
at night are precious!

But late night programs
featuring food are dangerous.
Because because
They kind of really look
so tasty—(>_<)

I once watched Curry Ranking
and ended up getting hooked.
Some days later, I expressedly
went all the way to Jinbouchou**! lol

Today it’s okonomiyaki
I want to eat some… (:_;)
I’m hungry.

Lately I feel like I’ve been
writing “I’m hungry” a lot.
Somehow I’m hungwy*** everyday!

*Onegai means “Please” or “Request”. The one in this case refers to “Onegai Ranking”; a late night Terebi Asahi variety program.
**Jinbouchou (otherwise known as Jimbocho) is a place in Chidoya, Tokyo that’s famous for curry. Read more here.
*** She used a feminine version harapeko 腹ぺこ. Rather than the usual hara hetta 腹へった.


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