Lots of Ro-Kyu-Bu

The SHOOT! PV got
a lot of favourable feedback
that everyone and all the staff
members cheered out in joy.(>ω<)
It’s all thanks to everyone’s support!
Thank you very much!

Is there anyone who watched
the video and was surprised to see
Shizuka-san’s* appearance?
Appearing with the shinai** in
hand was really cool and
very fitting(^O^)/

We, RO-KYU-BU! did not only
wear basketball costumes.
We also appeared in school

It’s a really really important and special
production that everyone really really put
all their effort and hard work into!
To be able to let everyone watch this
makes me really happy!

There is yet another happy
announcement to be made!

RO-KYU-BU!’s album release date
has been decided!
[Pure Elements] will be
released on the 5th of October!
There are lots of varied songs
that are cool and cute!
I want to keep listening to it (^^ゞ

And the live tour that goes
hand in hand with the release
of this album has been decided!

[RO-KYU-BU! LIVE TOUR2011-Fantastic Game-]

23rd October – Shinagawa Stellar Ball

30th October – Osaka Namba Hatch

Presales have already begun
The exceedingly favourable response
makes me really glad!!!
We’re going to be doing our best
so please look forward to it!


A reverse view of a certain scene
from the PV.

*Shizuka-san refers to Itou Shizuka who voices their teacher and the lead hero’s aunt in the anime.
**A shinai is a weapon used in kendo to represent a Japanese sword.


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