Saki’s Ro-Kyu-Bu
character single,
Canpeki* Shinakya!
is on sale!

The song is cool
It is band music

It’s a song about the other
4 girls from Saki’s
point of view!
This song’s words are all
about looking in the direction
of your friends such as,
This is Maho,
This is Hina,
And more like This is Airi!
It makes you consider the
message in the song.

Saki’s relaxed personality
and her at times childlike side…
Saki’s feelings are all
packed into the song!
Everyone please
give it a listen!

On the CD’s Jacket is Saki
wearing the costume Hikasa
had on during the SHOOT! PV
It’s a really casual attire~
When Saki wears it,
it looks really fresh doesn’t it? (^ω^)

*The title is a play on the words “Can” in English (the ‘able to’ meaning. Not a soda can ^^;) and kanpeki (which means perfect). Full title means “It’s gotta be perfect”.


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