Thank You

Odoroki Sentai
Momonoki Five’s
public grand assembly,
even in this unstable weather,
thank you so much to those
who attended!
I’m glad that we managed
to finish the performance
even though heavy rain
assailed us halfway through
the performance.
It was so much fun!!!!!!

That was my first
time in that assembly hall
I was so nervous.
As usual, lingeringly
in the usual momonoki way,
I believe we had a good
public recording!!

Since it’s AmeMura* we’re talking about

We got american style attire!

After it was over,
we went on to defeat the Okonomiyaki

We then defeated the great yakisoba king.
It was delicious (´ω`)

After that we went karaoke-ing
then we went drinking
I completely and fully enjoyed Osaka
Did everyone
enjoy Osaka?

I want to do another public recording!

From now on as well,
Momonoki is in your care!

*AmeMura (or AmerikaMura) is a popular foreigner spot in Osaka. You can read more here.


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