O-! Saka!

Together with the typhoon in Osaka!
I have arriveeeed
It’s Osakaaa*

In the Shinkansen**

How did I end up eating so
many Katsu Sandwiches?

had a Bento!
Tomorrow is Momonoki’s Grand Convention
at the Osaka Shinsaibashi BIG STEP!

To those who plan to go!
Please don’t make light
of the typhoon!
You shouldn’t overdo it!
However, I’m excited
to meet everyone!

I’m now drinking in the
room with Eri-san! yade!***

*/***She used “ya de” to end her sentence which people speaking the kansai dialect end some of their sentences with.
** For those who don’t already know; the Shinkansen is the Japanese Bullet Train system. It is one of the fastest and more punctual rail transportation in the world with an average on-time delay of 10 seconds.


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