Every little detail in SanRio4
is cute too o(^-^)o
Even the toilet signs

They look like ninjas (lol)

Near the male toilet, there is
a mysterious bear, take a look!
There was something written
on there; that women are
allowed to enter too! Since that
was writte on it, I decided to
go in. Whatever the bear is,
everyone please take a look
for yourself when you’re there.

The tickets that Capcom gave us
actually included another thing.
Participation in the Felyne hunt
Everyone joined in!
10 minutes before the venue
closed, everyone dashed around
to hunt!
The results of the quest was
us setting up an ingenius trap lol
Although we failed the quest
it was extremely fun
We kept wondering what the
right method was.

in the middle of the land
where the Wisdom Tree is
was a compatibility testing station.
I tried it out with Orita!


By the way, Tone and Kiyo
only for 30%.
You guys need to get along better!!

We barely made the closing of the venue
and played to our heart’s content!
It was a wonderful day off.

All right, Puro!☆


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