Tone-san’s head is… already…

That said..
We all took a picture with



Besides that, there are also
Batsumaru-kun* and Taabou**
It amuses me and brings me back
to my childhood times.
There are sooo many characters.
When Hikasa is in middle
school, she also liked Pudding***(^_^)

After that we played around like this!

Next we enjoyed all the shows
and the parades.
The SanRio Puroland parade is amazing!!
Rather than parade, it’s more
like a circus?
Being indoors has it’s limitations
but their use of the space wa
pretty cool!

Even more to come.

*Otherwise known internationally as Badtz Maru
**A SanRio character from Minna no Taabou
***Pudding or Purin (Pom Pom Pudding) is a SanRio mascot who is a yellow dog wearing a beret.


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