Two in One

I cracked an egg

and inside were two yolks!

There’s definitely something good about this

Always share your happiness♪




The tomato’s name is

Just looking at the picture, you can see
“Showered by a lot of Youko Tomatoes” (lol)

There are a lot of people who aren’t
very good with Tomatoes, aren’t there.
I looooooove them~
My dad is one of those people who
aren’t good with tomatoes.
Don’t like or hate it
Just eat it!!

Welcome Youko-
Welcome Tomato-

Rain after a clear day

Is everyone
all right after the typhoon??

Today is clear weather
after the typhoon.
Laundry weather!!

Was what I thought.
Halfway through it the
rain fell.
My laundry were all
soaked through. (TωT)

The night was unpleasantly chilly.

It’s a time where heat and chill
ruins our physical condition.
Everyone please take care of yourselves!


At Digistar
we made Tsukimi* dango**!
Dango are surprisingly simple
to make, aren’t they!
Back in elementary school, I picked
up the trick to making dango
in the sports pitch making mud balls!

Roundy swelly***!
By the way, the ones above are made by Kame,
The bottom ones are made by me!

Stacking them up!
They’re going to topple!

We got someone to make the mitarashi sauce****
Everyone ate it and it
was really delicious!

Everyone, please try to make some
of your own next year

*Tsukimi is a festival that celebrates the moon that’s celebrated every year on the 15th of August and the 15th of September in Japan.
**Dango are glutinous rice balls that are traditionally made on Tsukimi.
***She used まるまるもりもり (marumarumorimori) which sort of means rounded swellings but in a cuter way.
****Mitarashi Sauce is a sweet caramel sauce that’s usually used to glaze the dango.

So far it’s

I’ve permed my eyelashes
which is the latest in-thing.
I’m going to debut my
eyelash extensions!
( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ )

I thought I’d try it out
once before,
and now I’ve actually done it.
At current, it’s got a good feeling to it!
I have no use for mascara!
This is going to make things
easy for me tomorrow morning,
for sure!(>_<)

… which reminds me
Sometimes, I get mixed
up between mascara and maracas*.
The same thing happens
between elevator and escalator.



During the RO-KYU-BU dance
practice, everyone kinda started
eating a lot of potato chips.
We really wanted something salty!
Today we got pizza flavoured chips!


There was only one chip that’s
completely and extremely covered
with cheese—!

Even if it’s Breadcrumbs,
that’s still way too much.
This piece of chip totally stands out!*

During the RO-KYU-BU
practice, I had one of those.
Although it was only
one person’s share,
the flavour was really strong. (lol)

SHOOT!PV’s reverse view No. 2.

Emergency Exit!

* Special thanks to Ambi for the help.