I’m off to see SanRio Puroland!!

The other day, when workin
on Monster Hunter Radio,
Capcom was kind enough to
give us Tickets for the Airu
It expires soon on the 31st of August.
There was no other days we
could use it.
I left for it just past noon
with the idiots!

It’s my first time going there!!

SanRio Puroland is and indoors place!
So even if it rains, we’ll be fine!

We had no idea where to do
so we started wandering
around the ‘land’…
While doing that, we got hungry.

I had a SanRio-like lunch!
There are many things on the
menu for the Airu collaboration☆
Such as Ramen

Even on the drinks cups!

Seeing Airu everywhere
got me really excited↑↑↑

After filling up my tummy,
we waited for Toneken to
arrive by goofing around
in the souvenir store.

To be continued..


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