The AniSama costume preparation
was a lot of work.
I’m glad to be able to wear something
this cute.
I am grateful for the costume designer.

↓Before our turn

During the encore,
when we sang Rainbow with
We wore a Rainbow T-shirt!

With Iguchi☆☆

This was the first time we performed (live)
the ED theme. All the warm♪ feelings when
everyone sang it made me so happy!

We practiced the song a loooot
so I’m glad everyone enjoyed it!!

I’m somehow really relieved now

A turtle has moved into my house~*
I’m going to bed (´ω`)
Everyone please have a good rest too.
Good night!!

(**T.M.-san’s performance was
so cool…
Zukyuuun… munya munya…)

*I believe this is to mean that sleepiness if coming (lit. feeling slow like a turtle)
** Refers to T.M. Rvolution who was a secret artiste on day 2 of AniSama.


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