Felyne Mereru Nail

It appears that during the MonHan Concert
Orita’s acquaintance gave us these as a gift.

Felyne Meiru mugs!
They’re sooo cuute (ノ><)ノ
I can’t express how much I like the mugs! (´Д`)

We had barley tea together
Thank you so much☆

By the way, just for the sake of
the Monster Hunter concert,
Orita got nails that are inspired
by Jinouga*.
She’s a Monster Hunter idiot (´ω`)fufu
But.. I’m so envious of her
really cool nails.
I’ve never used black colours
for my nails.

Which reminds me, lately..

I did my toenails.
The image isn’t very clear f^_^
But it’s cool and cute!
To the females
Raise up your toenail excitement!
Please try it out too☆

*The Jinouga is a monster (the mascot) from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.


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