The momonoki members
had a birthday party!
We’ve been arranging it
for so long and finally able to
have the actual thing in August!
Thank you so much!

As usual, the five of us
completely indulged ourselves
in meat and crab.
Dinner ended in 30 minutes.
That’s definitely weird (lol)

That’s not shabu-shabu* anymore!
It’s become more like Chankonabe**!

Well, this time the birthday party is
just half [of this blog entry].
From here on will be all about the pep rally!
Which meetup am I talking about?
it’s the one to be held in Osaka on the 4th of September.
It’s the Momonoki Public Great Assembly!
To be held at the Shinsaibashi BIG STEP,
this’ll be a solo public recording-!

Everyone please come and join us in the fun☆
oh my,
I’m already really looking forward to it!!!!
(´ω`)*trembles in excitement*

To those who wish to get
golden or silver seats***,
please have a look at the homepage
I humbly leave it in your care

*shabu-shabu is Japanese hot pot.
** Chankonabe is a type of Japanese stew. Usually eaten by Sumo Wrestlers to gain weight. It’s usually filled with lots of protein foodstuff.
***Golden and Silver seats are seating classes in the BIG STEP public assembly.


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