The souvenir store is
somewhat sparkly!!
There are so many cute
With the guys around,
everything somehow feels

Fancy goods with Kiyo!


With glasses

My, the good are too cute!
There are even Hello Kitty electronics
I nearly impulse bought the Hello Kitty
vaccuum cleaner and portable DVD player.
Also the clock is extremely cute!

While browsing around,
Toneken caught up with us.

The.. top of your head is…

To be continued.

*Toneken = Toneken is a seiyuu. His real name is Tone Kentarou
**Maimero = My Melody. A SanRio character.



I’m off to see SanRio Puroland!!

The other day, when workin
on Monster Hunter Radio,
Capcom was kind enough to
give us Tickets for the Airu
It expires soon on the 31st of August.
There was no other days we
could use it.
I left for it just past noon
with the idiots!

It’s my first time going there!!

SanRio Puroland is and indoors place!
So even if it rains, we’ll be fine!

We had no idea where to do
so we started wandering
around the ‘land’…
While doing that, we got hungry.

I had a SanRio-like lunch!
There are many things on the
menu for the Airu collaboration☆
Such as Ramen

Even on the drinks cups!

Seeing Airu everywhere
got me really excited↑↑↑

After filling up my tummy,
we waited for Toneken to
arrive by goofing around
in the souvenir store.

To be continued..


The AniSama costume preparation
was a lot of work.
I’m glad to be able to wear something
this cute.
I am grateful for the costume designer.

↓Before our turn

During the encore,
when we sang Rainbow with
We wore a Rainbow T-shirt!

With Iguchi☆☆

This was the first time we performed (live)
the ED theme. All the warm♪ feelings when
everyone sang it made me so happy!

We practiced the song a loooot
so I’m glad everyone enjoyed it!!

I’m somehow really relieved now

A turtle has moved into my house~*
I’m going to bed (´ω`)
Everyone please have a good rest too.
Good night!!

(**T.M.-san’s performance was
so cool…
Zukyuuun… munya munya…)

*I believe this is to mean that sleepiness if coming (lit. feeling slow like a turtle)
** Refers to T.M. Rvolution who was a secret artiste on day 2 of AniSama.


AniSama is over!!
It was really really
The second time in my life being at
Saitama Super Arena.
Even though the place was as wide as ever
I felt the crowd’s warmth
and the power of anime songs!!!!
I’ve also learned a lot
from the wonderful seniors
and famous artistes that took to the stage.

To those who attended!
Thank you very much!

Just for AniSama our costumes
were made more wonderful☆



Seiyuu Animedia is going to featuring a
serial for Ro-Kyu-Bu!
Each month, they will feature a certain
Hikasa will be in the August issue!

The usual Basketball uniform

My long hair is braided!

Also, a first time experiment.
My forelock is up!!

The staff members are
favourable of the change!

The September issue will feature
Please everyone definitely look out for it!

Well then.
Tomorrow is finally
dokkin dokkin!**
I’ll do my best! (>_<)

*Rina refers to Hidaka Rina who is also a cast member of Ro-Kyu-Bu! and plays the part of Airi.
*Heartbeat sound effects

G Mag

The September issue of Dengeki G contains an interview
and photo for Ro-Kyu-Bu!

Although it looks a little dark, it’s a frilly floral print dress.

The white coloured studio is really beautiful and there are a lot
of really pretty items in here that raised my spirits.♪
Everyone please have a look at it.☆


The Monster Hunter club broadcasting office
live broadcast has come to a close!
To everyone who turned in
Thank you very much☆

Next time, Tsujimoto-san, Ichinose-san;
we will be joined by KitaEri!!
Isn’t it wonderful!!

Airu Village G and
Monster Hunter 3rd HD version
is now on sale!
The Monster Hunter
excitement is only going to get bigger!

Hey, everyone
Do you know what HD stands for?

Hikasa Drive!!!!!!
It does!

… that was a lie!

Please visit the Monster Hunter
Homepage for more details!

KitaEri refers to Kitamura Eri, also a voice actress.